A Financial Coup d'etat

We live in historic times where one must pay very close attention to what’s going on around us. There’s a  “reality show” that’s playing out right before our eyes, but American people are asleep with their attention very easily diverted.  The thing that’s most disappointing is the lack of real news and new analysis on the substantive issues of our day.  While the banking oligarchs literally usurp our financial system, we’ve been kept up to date with the latest on “balloon boy” and other “news” designed to divert our attention.   I can’t begin to tell you how dismaying I find this and it’s the primary reason why I don’t deal with popular media unless my objective is to be entertained.

What you need to know is this: our government has literally given the banking oligarchs our money while we’re stuck with the bill for the party and this is an outrage.  The Obama administration and  US Federal Reserve chair, Ben Bernanke, are now Johnny Come Lately’s by making noises that they’re going to regulate the banks and investment houses that got us into this mess.  That should have been done at the outset and our money should have been left out of it. 

One of the few shows that provide any sort of thoughtful news analysis is Bill Moyer’s journal.  Here’s a clip on the financial crisis with Representative Marcy Kaptur of Ohio and Simon Johnson, formerly of the International Monetary Fund.  Both of them explain very well what has occurred on capitol hill with our money.  This is the real outrage, but where are the town hall protests about this sort of “socialism”?  Here in America, profits are private while the costs of wreaking our economy in pursuit of them is public and paid by the rest of us. 

Admittedly, I’m somewhat jaded when it comes to expectations of politicians as most are in someone’s pocket, but the people of Ohio are very well represented by Rep. Marcy Kaptur.  We need a lot more like her in congress. This clip is about an half hour long.

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