Going after the New Black Panther Party


Some folks like to drown in puddles or, as a fellow blogger friend of mine says, major in the minor.  I’m sure that most will recollect the incident in Philadelphia during the election last November where the two New Black Panther party members stood outside of a polling  place and were accused of voter intimidation.  Well it seems that some republicans are up in arms because attorney general Eric Holder has decided to dismiss the complaints against the group and are now calling for inquiry into why the he did that.  (The Obama administration dismissed the civil complaint after obtaining an injunction against one of the defendants who was brandishing a police baton).

First, a brief word on the New Black Panthers.   This group doesn’t have any real following and they strike me as a group of agent provocateurs or folks employed by someone to incite people to do something stupid and illegal.  They have no coherent platform per se and it just seems that their radicalism seems just a bit too “practiced” with their calls for “revolution” to be real.   They’re just the type of group that can be conveniently used as a sort of bogeyman by those looking to score some political points.  Of course, I don’t know for certain if they are  actually agent provocateurs, but history is replete with instances where these sorts of groups were created for this purpose.  The FBI’s co-intelpro program is the most recent bit of history where this was done.  Agent provocateurs or not, this group is not to be taken seriously.

But it seems that doesn’t matter to the “party of no.”  They’re hell bent on raising every possible question they can about the administration on minutiae.  Like I said, in the opening, they like to drown in puddles.   The latest approval rating I can find for the republican party shows that only about 25% of respondents  have a positive view of them.  That’s not shocking in light of their constant pursuit of initiatives like this one.


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