Paul Robeson & Myron Rolles


I was just surfing the web today when I ran across  some videos on Paul Robeson.  I’ve included the first of a four part video series  below  where he talks about his philosophy and life in his own words in 1958.

This is someone who really needs to be more prominently included in African-American history.  To an extent, he still suffers from the blacklisting he suffered under McCarthyism.  Here’s some information on his life if you’re not familiar with him.

Paul Robeson–a valedictorian of his 1919 Rutgers class, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a Juris Doctorate  from Columbia, a first team All American in football,  a world class actor and singer. This guy was an intellectual giant in the tradition of Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X,  King and others.   As I listen to him speak on the clip, among the adjectives that come to mind are cultured, intelligent and conscious:

Robeson stands alone as a historical figure but he may have a contemporary  in 22 year old star football player and Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolles of Florida State:

I spent some time with my son today showing him both of these videos.  He found them as inspiring as I did.  There is a distinct  intellectual tradition among those of the blood Afric and it is as much of part of our history as slavery and the quest for human dignity is.  We have just allowed some pretenders to occupy the throne to promote low expectation and victimhood.

There needs to be a palace coup and the great intellectual tradition needs to take its rightful place.

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