Saving Mexico? Who’s going to save U.S.?


Yet another article advancing the idea of drug legalization, this time from the  Wall Street Journal.  The argument being made is similar to the one that’s made to clear up gang violence here in the US; legalize all drugs to take the profit out of it and all of the criminals will disappear.  The criminals who are the focus of this article are the Mexican drug cartels who have been engaged in an orgy of violence over the past year. So the idea in the article is to save Mexico by legalizing the drug trade.

The "take the profit out of it" argument is a bunch of nonsense.  If the profit is taken out, there’d be little inducement for anyone to trade in drugs legally, so the proponents of  legalization surely don’t mean that.  What  they really mean is the level of violence might drop if the industry could be organized under a set of legal and economic rules that govern most industries, hence allowing disputes to  be settled in a court of law rather than out of the barrel of an Uzi.  Joe Kennedy made millions anticipating the end of prohibition and  I often think there’s a Joe Kennedy like figure or group of individuals who are quietly pushing for the idea of legalization who may very well clean up their acts and position their children for political runs in the future.  It’s sort of the American way.

Legalization is really an admission of the failure of the war on drugs.  It was never a real war anyway in the sense that the enemy’s generals, officers and critical infrastructure were never put under assault.   The main thing targeted was the end link of the distribution chain; the urban gendarmes who fueled the growth of the prison industrial complex here in America.

In addition to the "too big to fail" policies that have governed Wall Street excess,  there are those who want to deploy a "too big to stop" policy when it comes to the illegal drug merchants.  That’s crazy if you ask me.

4 Responses to “Saving Mexico? Who’s going to save U.S.?”
  1. Ewan Hoyle says:

    I don’t see legalisation (or control and regulation as I prefer to call it) as admitting failure of the war on drugs. I see it as moving the war out of the streets and into places where we can fight it far more effectively, like pharmacists. If it’s the ability for these drugs to ruin lives that we’re fighting in this war then we need to wrap them up in childproof packaging and educate people on their dangers before they can purchase them.

  2. Greg L says:

    Thanks for your comments Ewan.

    The war is in the streets (i.e. addiction and various other maladaptive social behaviors) because of the failure of the war against those economic interests responsible for it. In the main, the war on drugs has never been fought at that level but has in fact been waged in the streets. The addicts are collateral damage in a way.

    People can be educated about the dangers of drugs and addictions now. Legalization is not required to do this.

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