Like everyone who has a modicum of sense, I’m praying for the people of Haiti.  Praying and helping them as best one can are the appropriate things to do right now. 

Unfortunately, everyone does not possess common sense and here we have Rush Limbaugh claiming that Obama is using the crisis to shore up his bona fides with the light and dark skinned elements of the African-American community.  No, I’m not making this up, click on the video below and you’ll hear it for yourself:

I think we can safety conclude that Limbaugh is nothing more than a ratings hungry race hustler. With each passing day, he gets more ridiculous.  It’s really best that he be ignored.

If Limbaugh wasn’t bad enough, then Pat Robertson comes along and says the Haitians are getting punished because they made a pack with the devil to throw off the yoke of French slavery and colonialism.  I suppose in Robertson’s mind, the converse is also true; it was God’s will that the European powers enslave and colonize the world.

But I did wonder where did Robertson get this notion from and after doing some research on voodoo, it appears that the Haitian revolution against the French did begin with a voodoo ceremony at a site known as Bois Caiman in Haiti.  It is from this event that Robertson arrives at the notion that the Haitians made a pack with the devil. 


Two fools here who really aren’t worth the time it’s taking to make this entry, hence the reason  I’m keeping the commentary real short.  This is really for those who are unaware of what these guys had to say.

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