Cornel West: Response to Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Hat tip to The Intersection of Madness & Reality for this video find.  Cornel West responds to Obama’s state of the union speech and focuses on Obama’s accommodation of Wall Street interests.


3 Responses to “Cornel West: Response to Obama’s State of the Union Speech”
  1. Cornel West pretends to be the conscious of society. In truth he is merely a left wing operative who pretends to be above the fray.

    West can’t claim to be a “clean hands” critic of American Capitalism and Imperialism as he is a CONSUMER of both.

    I demand that Dr West show a world absent America as a stabilizing force and tell us if he would like to live in it.

    On my XM radio just last night I listened as a young 20-something Black girl glowed after listening to West in a live seminar. He agreed that – get this – CAPITALISM CAUSES POVERTY and that many of her struggles in America are due to the lack of SOCIALISM and justice in America.

    I was through after that.

    I wish the XM app on iPhone had a record feature.

    From your previous message:
    Obama’s main problem is the gap between what was sold during the campaign and what’s gotten delivered.

    If this span between the promise and delivery was one inch then we’d need to conclude that there is a FOOT between what the adoring masses PLACED UPON Obama in the way of expectations versus what he materially promised.

    This time the indictment must go against those who painted on the blank canvas that Obama was.

    • Greg L says:

      CF,   Just getting around to respond to this one.  You have me LOL with your comment here.   Do you know how much a tenured professor at Princeton makes?  At a second tier school, many of them make north of $ 350,000.  I’m sure that the same guys at Princeton are making north of $  500k.    That fact right there will put West in perspective.  He strikes me as someone who’s putting on an act with the black suits and the fro.  There are some issues on which I might agree with him, particularly when he talks about reigning in Wall Street excess, but a lot of West’s presentation is somewhat affected based on the role he’s chosen to play; a black academic who wants to be a radical.  

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