Thousands protest in Tokyo against U.S. military presence in Japan


Here’s a interesting story out of Japan where thousands of people are protesting the US military presence in Okinawa.  Basically, they want us out.   In my opinion, we all should want the same thing.

Currently, we maintain about 47,000 troops in Japan some 65 years after the end of World War II absent any real existential threat and I seriously question the wisdom and the cost of this.  There have been a few incidents between the troops and the Japanese people, so they don’t want us there.  Moreover, in the era of trillion dollar deficits, we really can’t afford bases there or elsewhere in the world.  The sooner we come to realization and act, the better off we’ll be.  Whether we act or not, a retrenchment of our military forces will be an inevitable consequence of downward trajectory of the value of our currency and a lack of domestic savings that allow us to fund our own military expenditures.  That’s not to suggest that even if we did have those savings that their highest and best use would be for military expenditures, so much as to point out the untenable nature of our national fiscal situation given that China and Japan are our primary financiers.

I deliberately avoid tagging my views as conservative, liberal, democratic and etc. as I consider it dogmatic to reduce my views down to someone’s  label.  However, there is one congressman who expresses views on this that align very closely with my own; Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas).   I’m not sure how he lines everything else I care about, but he’s in lock step with me on this issue and he’s the only person I’m aware of that consistently rails against our unbridled military spending.  Unfortunately, the military budget is considered sacrosanct and even Obama indicated during his state of the union address that it would fall outside the purview of areas that he’d like to cut spending on.  I see that as a real problem as ultimately everything has to be put out on the table.

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