Dispatches from the battlefield

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I’ve really been busy here of late and it’s really been difficult to blog on much of anything consistently.  Normally, I like to read a bit on topics I blog about as I like to blog responsibly.  In my mind, that means making sure that whatever I write about is factual.  The problem is that the lack of time to do that right now with the tax season in full gear.  For most certified public accountants that means a lot of work compressed into a couple of months so things have to be done quickly and accurately at the same time.  Fortunately, I have a system in place that allows this to happen and I’d suggest that that’s one of the key things to have in place in any business; a system for getting things done.  In any business, we’re really talking about three different systems—a marketing system, an operational system and a way to measure the effectiveness of both of those—a financial system.  If all of those are working well, one can have his or her finger on the pulse of the business and if the pulse starts to skip a beat, corrections can quickly be made.

Today, I had a couple of real positive things occur.  In addition to normal tax and accounting services, my firm also provides consulting services revolving around cost reduction revolving around rent charges paid by tenants.  For most businesses, saving on occupancy charges is significant as that’s the second largest expense most businesses incur after payroll.  I was able to get two much sought after appointments after three months of marketing to these guys.  Persistence on anything pays off if one keeps plugging away with dogged determination.   Also, persistence is a great way to learn things as well as to fine tune your approach.  If you don’t give up, you’re just forced to become better at doing or getting what you’re going after as persistence creates a feedback loop that supports that.

I had an occasion to do business with someone today who is very different from me.  I once heard James Carville describe Pennsylvania as being just like Alabama once one is outside of the major metro areas like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  For the most part that’s true and the person I was dealing with today was from the “Alabama” part of Pennsylvania so that meant politically that she was a tea partier and an aficionado of Sarah Palin; both being anathemas to any serious political discourse as far as I’m concerned.  But this person was perhaps one of the most decent people I’ve ever met notwithstanding political differences between us.  Often I think that the political discourse in this country is poisoned by us making those who believe differently the “other”, when in fact they’re just like “us”, but with a different belief.  Perhaps a little less demonizing and a lot more reasoned discussion would go a long way towards cleaning up the political discourse in this country.

Anyway, time to put the green eyeshade and arm band back on.  Tax returns beckon.

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