Healthcare Reform: Violent Teabaggers


There were several acts and threats of violence today against people who voted for healthcare reform.  I wish I could say I’m shocked at that, but I’m not. 

In the blogosphere and in a comment on my own blog, there are many who are talking about a violent revolt because somehow they believe that a vote for healthcare curtails their liberty and freedom.  This is total nonsense and it would be laughable if these fools weren’t hell bent on actually fomenting some sort of revolt.

Since Obama’s election, let’s recount the ridiculousness that has come out of certain quarters:

  1. The day after the election, there’s a run on guns and ammunition.
  2. Within a month after the election, a group of people began questioning whether Obama is a naturalized citizen and they desire to overturn the election on that basis.
  3. Within a month of the election, Texas governor, Rick Perry, suggest that Texas might secede from the union.
  4. Within three months of the election, folks get upset and raise hell over the President of the United States speaking to school children.  Supposedly, they fear that he’s going to attempt to indoctrinate them about socialism.
  5. As soon as the election is over, there’s a steady drumbeat by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others railing about supposed socialist policies, czars and etc that the Obama administration is pursuing.
  6. Angry mobs of people fill town halls to discuss healthcare. 
  7. After the healthcare legislation passes, we see 12 state attorneys generals pursuing a quixotic move by challenging the constitutionality of the legislation. Most legal scholars don’t think they have a snowball’s chance in hell of prevailing, but one never knows with the so called conservative tilt on the supreme court.    

This is not politics as usual, even as dysfunctional as that state of affairs is.  This is not your garden variety political gridlock and this has absolutely nothing to do with differing political philosophies.  I’m convinced that this is something very different and the closest reference to this situation is the civil war and Lincoln’s election.  The ink wasn’t dry on Lincoln’s election results before the rebellion swung into gear.

These people are spoiling for a fight over anything and I fully believe that they intend to do something to provoke a draconian sort of response so they have justification to do what they really want to do—revolt.  Why do I say that? Look at what occurred today.  No matter how one feels about healthcare legislation, it is not something  that compels one to go out and assault anyone—unless, of course,   you’re trying to provoke something.

Again, the sensible republicans have been cowered into silence.  There have been few voices raised in condemnation of the violent acts today.  They must be fearful as they suspect that the violence being directed towards others can be easily directed towards them with more vehemence as they’d be seen as turncoats. 

These are indeed dangerous times for our nation and we need to be clear on that.  As I wrap up writing this, I see James Zogby has an article posted on Frightening GOP Behavior that is worth a read as well.  It’s pretty much in line with what I’m saying.

As long as a bully thinks he can yell and intimidate, then that’s what he’ll do. It’s time for these folks’ behavior to extract a cost from them rather than everyone else.

4 Responses to “Healthcare Reform: Violent Teabaggers”
  1. Sharita says:

    i could not agree more. This is not normal politic nor is it acceptable behavior. In the 60’s when black people revolted against what they didnt believe in they were met with dogs and fire hoses. These ‘teabagger’s are borderline treasonous at this point and no one (THE GOP) has spoken out against it. True they could fear being considered a “turncoat” but at this point their silence can be taken as a sign of condonation.

    I have invoked my second amendment right to bear arms and i suggest everyone who can to do so. If feel that this is only the beginning and it will get worse

  2. Greg L says:


    You have just suggested something that’s been on my mind on and off over the last few days; invoking my second amendment rights. I wish you were wrong, but I’ll feel you’re very correct–this is only the beginning of this.

    This is not about health care at all; that’s just a convenient excuse for those who wish to foment revolt. If it wasn’t health care, it would have been cap & trade or something else taking away their “liberty”. They’re grasping at whatever they can use as an excuse. Their objective is to force the government to crack down on them so they can claim martyrdom and fuel upheaval.

    There’s a book I once read that found with the guy who blew up the Oklahoma federal building, Timothy McVeigh. The name of that book is the Turner Diaries and it’s the bible of the various militia groups in the country. It’s a fictional account of a rebellion and an apt description of what’s occurring right now.

    The danger is that you have the GOP leadership giving tacit approval to this. You’re right, it’s treasonous. There’s also silence from the major media.

  3. Brother Greg:

    I think that you are cashing out on some important points that are present here.

    It appears that people are willing to accept that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s mere words can trigger people into acting violently. Many of these same people who are pushing this point resoundlingly reject such a notion when those of us who point to violent hip hop lyrics in which Black people are threatened as murder targets and so much of this behavior spills out into the streets.

    At minimum, Greg L, let’s get a STANDARD SET OF RULES out of this one.

    The studio mic that Limbaugh/Beck make use of has the same electronics used by the Hip Hop artist. I am not willing to accept the inferiority of the Hip Hop artist.

    Despite the increase in gun purchases that you detail in late 2008 the fact remains that the only group to experience an uptick as homicide victims has been Black males.

    Ask yourself Greg L – why is it that these recent “politically motivated” acts of vandalism have been so publizied while a person who dares report on assaults that impact the Black Community that AREN’T political in nature risks being called a “self-hater”.

    How can we maximize the outcome from this?
    There are forces who are seeking to exploit our fears for nothing more than political purposes.

    I refuse to practice “Non-White White Supremacy” where I am made to believe that an assault by a White person done for political purposes is a worse assault than one done by a Black man which causes me to bleed just the same.

    • Greg L says:


      Of course, I agree with you totally as regards the street pirates that plague our communities and it’s unacceptable that “our” response is one of deafening silence in response. I really can’t argue the point that more damage is wrought in the African American community on the mike by the average mysognist hip hop artist than anything that Limbaugh and Beck put together can do to the African-American community. Same applies to the issue with guns. This not only threatens the viability of our community, but the nation at large.

      But that doesn’t detract from that which is occuring outside of the confines of our community that also presents a threat to the viability of the nation at large. The larger political debate and how that plays out is similarly very important. It doesn’t replace the more immediate concerns of the black community, but it is not necessarily outside of those concerns either. This is of great concern as this is not the first time this nation has experienced a situation where political discourse descends into violence, intimidation and war.

      Back in 1856 republican Charles Sumner was famously set upon with a cane by democratic congressman Preston Brooks because Sumner had the temerity to strenously criticize slavery as an abomination against mankind. Brooks thought that Sumner had maligned South Carolina and decided to resolve the matter by giving him a beat down. Of course, we all know the events occurring after that with the onset of the civil war.

      The democrats and the republicans, in the main, occupy the polar opposite of the political spectrum. Much of this, in my view, is being pushed by the elements in the republican party in an effort to foment a revolt, not due to ideology and not due to simple disagreement, but simply because they desire to have the power over the public purse and everything they’ve done aligns with that. The fact that they lost the election and the fight over healthcare has them resorting to violence and intimidation to get their way and it’s very unfortunate that the more sensible elements of the party have not come forth to roundly condemn what’s happening. It’s also very telling. They’ve either been cowered into silence by the very violence that has been directed towards others or they tacitly agree which what’s occurred. Either way presents a major problem for the nation as we move forward. If political discourse is reduced to settling things out of a barrel of a gun or at the end of a cane, we’re sunk as a nation. Settling disputes in this manner hasn’t worked out too well in the African-American community, so it’s certain that those methods won’t fare much better in the larger context.

      I’m really not trying to be particularly partisan here, but pretty much am trying to call it as I see it. Most of the American people reside in the broad middle of the political spectrum and currently, the republicans don’t occupy any portion of that middle. Right now, they appear to be on a war footing and ideology be damned. This has nothing to do with healthcare, fiscal restraint and etc. I feel that any issue will do for their purpose.

      Believe me when I say I’d absolutely love to be wrong on all of this.

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