Speeding Cushion Disappearing


The Governors Highway Safety Association, which represents state highway safety offices, issued a report in 2005 stating that police in 42 states routinely let drivers exceed speed limits. An interesting article out the USA Today about the disappearing speeding cushion of 5 to 10 mph drivers usually enjoy before having to worry about a speeding ticket.  Apparently that cushion is a casualty of the growing problems with state budgets as they cast around to raise money any way they can and since tax revenues are down, more aggressive law enforcement on speeders is up.

I’ve seen anecdotal evidence of this in northern New Jersey. During this time of year, I’m frequently driving between my two offices in northern New Jersey and eastern PA and every time I hit the road, I invariably see New Jersey state troopers with several folks pulled over on route 78.  It definitely seems like a lot more people are getting speeding tickets on this route and this article explains why.  Although the speed limit on route 78 is 65 mph, my usual practice has been to set my cruise at 70 mph and I’ve definitely have passed speed traps at that speed without getting stopped, but I’ll need to rethink that now before my luck runs out. 

This is the sort of thing that can begin to piss some folks off once they realize what’s happening. With the job outlook being as it is right now, folks are trying to hang on to whatever money they have and to get dinged just because you’re 5 miles over the speed limit isn’t going to leave folks favorably disposed towards the ticket writing officer.

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