One down and one more to go

image I’m not trying to beat up on the republican party here as there’s enough craziness occurring across the political spectrum, but it looks like former Bush speechwriter and neocon, David Frum encountered his own Waterloo after writing about the republican party’s Waterloo in the aftermath of their defeat on the healthcare legislation.  The American Enterprise Institute effectively fired Frum three days after his editorial was published by asking him to remain with the conservative think tank on a “non salaried” basis.  That’s one down.

The next one down will be RNC chair Michael Steele who has not toed the party line and has endured a long line of questions about his handling of RNC finances ending with the recent allegations over paying for a donor to attend a bondage themed strip club. The far right has been after this guy for awhile and they probably wish that they could put him on a “non-salaried” basis, but they’ll settle for leaving him as a powerless figurehead “dressing windows” for right now.


The far right wing has literally taken over the party and they’ll brook no departure from the party line and they don’t mind showing everyone that with some very public examples of what happens when you do that.

I have to admit that I admire their execution—it’s ruthless and efficient.

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