Obama’s Shot Across the Bow: Hutaree Militia Raid

clip_image002I’m finding the timing of the recent raids against the militia Hutaree getting curiouser and curiouser.  After all, this raid came only a few days after threats against congressmen voting for health reform and all the yelling and screaming about threats to liberty and socialism run amok.  Even more interesting are the charges against the group’s ringleaders.  They’re charged with seditious conspiracy among other things. As I recollect, sedition or treason, is something you can get the death penalty for.

It seems like the FBI had these guys under observation for awhile and there’s little doubt that there are other groups who are under surveillance.  Obama and Co. would love nothing better than to find one of their republican detractors caught up with one of these groups.  When this is combined with his comments on incendiary commentary coming from Limbaugh and Beck, it’s clear to me that he is definitely taking a few shots across the bow of the opposition.  Look for some of these militias to get a serious beat down just so everyone knows what time it is. Effectively, Obama is telling the opposition that they’d better keep any policy disagreements in the political realm because if it ventures outside of that, they’re going to face the full brunt of the government’s judicial and crime fighting power.  After all, he is the commander in chief.

From where I sit, it looks like there’s a iron fist inside a velvet glove and it would be wise for the opposition not to forget that.

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