Employed but still homeless


A very interesting article out of the New York Times about the employment/homelessness situation in North Dakota.  Apparently, North Dakota has a very low unemployment rate (about 4%) due to the growing oil service industry but also a limited housing stock just due to an acute shortage of housing.  There have been an influx of those who were down on their luck elsewhere who have moved to North Dakota to secure employment and have just overwhelmed the housing supply, so they’re forced to live in their cars because the waiting list even to rent a room in a motel is months long.

The thing that’s striking about this story is the transitory nature of the workforce in the new economic paradigm that’s emerging.   These people are effectively migrant workers who are just following the “harvests” so to speak and as soon as this one is done, they’ll move on to the next one and so on.   That’s becoming very commonplace nowadays just for folks to survive and harkens back to behaviors exhibited during the Great Depression

2 Responses to “Employed but still homeless”
  1. Miller House Classroom says:

    I have empathy for everything that you are going through. We pray for you and hope you find a house. God Bless.

    • Greg L says:

      Actually, it’s the folks in the story that are seeking houses rather than I, but your sentiment is appreciated!

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