Two rapping fools literally burn up $ 100,000

 Please be warned that this video has a lot of foul language in it, so you don’t want to play this if you’re offended by that sort of language.  It’s a video of a couple of rappers named Jon Geezy and Parlae burning up $ 100,000.  I don’t know if the money is real but the message certainly is.

I’ve never heard of these guys before and this is so totally ridiculous that words really can’t describe it.  It’s just senseless and pointless just like a lot of the stuff that occurs among our youth.  If these fools ever live long enough to get older, they’ll wish they had that $ 100,000.

If the NAACP, Al and Jesse called a mass protest march against these rappers and others authoring destructive messages like this, I’d gladly join.  It’s the authors of these sorts of messages, not the record companies, who are the main problem.  If we go after folks like this and dry up their sales, by default the record companies and everyone else living off this sort of sickness will be taken care of.  Unfortunately, our focus is mostly on the outside, so confederate flags and confederate history month are more of an issue than this sort of thing.  We’ll readily marshal resources to attack stuff like that while marching right past this sort of ridiculousness. 

One of the reasons that the craziness exists is many of our communities is due to a lack of accountability.  In the main, no one is held accountable for anything whether it’s the politician, the knucklehead on the corner, or fools like these who put out these sorts of messages for our children. Folks do “whatever” because we impose no sanction.

Today’s “civil rights” movement has to really be a movement to impose accountability on those who are contributing to the destruction of our community.  It really gets down to saying to people that if you soil the nest we’re all living in, you’re going to be made to pay because we ain’t taking it no more. 

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