Israel: A lunatic state

If there’s a modern pariah state, there’s no better candidate than the state of Israel.  It really doesn’t matter whether Hamas, who was duly elected, represents the Palestinian people or if it’s someone else.  The fact of the matter is that whoever it may be will never be acceptable to Israel as they’re not interested in peace.  They’re interested in genocide and the wholesale abuse of the Palestinians.  Without question, their practices are no different than the practices of the former racist regime in South Africa or Rhodesia.

Atrocity after atrocity have been visited upon the Palestinian people; from the bulldozing of homes, breaking bones of captured Palestinians, checkpoints, starvation, bombing—you name it and they’ve done it.  Now today, there’s a flotilla of peace activists that were trying to get food and supplies of the Gaza strip after a three year blockade and the Israeli military attacks the ship, kills some of the activists and sparks an international incident.  This isn’t the first time they’ve killed activists trying to help these people. 

It’s bad enough that they do this, but to do this with US taxpayer support is totally outrageous.  Israel receives substantial subsidies from our government and on a per capita basis the aid far outstrips what we give to other nations.  The only thing we get in return for that is grief.  Because we’re so closely associated with them, whatever they do, we potentially pay.  The Palestinians and the rest of the Arabs can see that the planes they fly and the bombs they drop are made in the USA.  It is an unjust situation that enjoys our tacit support and it needs to stop. 

There are cries from capitals all over the world condemning the latest action by Israel.  There’s really an open question as to whether our own nation will join in condemning them.  Unfortunately, our record on this is not very good in the sense that we’ve vetoed countless UN resolutions condemning Israel and even now Obama has been not been all that forthcoming with a condemnation and we can pretty much forget about our Congress saying a damn thing.  They’ve all been bought and paid for. If you don’t believe me—just watch closely what occurs over the next few days.  You won’t hear a peep from anyone.

As citizens, we can’t countenance this sort of thing and we really need to demand that all aid be cut off.  If Israel wants to be a pariah state, let them finance it on their own.



This video is somewhat dated, but representative of what goes on.



2 Responses to “Israel: A lunatic state”
  1. I believe Israel has a siege mentality. For the sake of its own survival, I believe that it would take down the whole world.

    I followed a television program discussion once. it seems that the Russians mistakenly believed that it was under nuclear attack. The Russian leadership insisted that Russia respond in kind. That order was never carried out. And as it turns out, an error had occurred–a grave one, because it almost triggered a possible nuclear holocaust..

    The host of the show stated: “If we were actually attacked by the Russians, it’s my hope that the United States wouldn’t respond. It’s better that humanity survives, than we retaliate, and all is lost.”

    • Greg L says:

      BD, I think that the worst thing about the entire situation is the blowback all of this causes for us. I maintain that Israel could never get away with its outrageous behavior without our tacit approval and above all else, our money. Seige or not, if they want to behave like this, they need to finance it themselves. By some accounts, we’ve provided nearly a trillion dollars over the last 25 years and I can’t think of anything we’ve gotten in return other than grief. It just seems to me that their behavior is not only over the top but provacative–they want to provoke a fight so they have an excuse to do what they want to do. If we don’t decouple our policies from them, we’re going to proceed down the same destructive path they’re on.

      The problem is that you’ve got a bunch of extremists running that country and the voice of those who would take a far more moderate stance is muffled–deliberately so IMO.

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