Dispatches from the battlefield

    I’ve really been busy here of late and it’s really been difficult to blog on much of anything consistently.  Normally, I like to read a bit on topics I blog about as I like to blog responsibly.  In my mind, that means making sure that whatever I write about is factual.  The problem … Continue reading

A Big Secret: How to Make Big $$$ with Multi-Level Marketing!

  This post was prompted by someone approaching me with a multi-level marketing situation.  This generally happens to me every few months  Most people try to get in with accountants, physicians and attorneys as they figure you’ll be able to access your client base to quickly build their organization.  Typically, I’m approached with something very … Continue reading

Black History Moment: Archie A. Alexander

     Archie A. Alexander (May 14, 1888-January 4, 1958) Consulting Engineer: Alexander & Higbee, A.A. Alexander, Inc. and Alexander & Repass; governor of the Virgin Islands of the United States.   I like to focus on different aspects of black history when recounting historical events.  Normally, any discussion of black history is replete with … Continue reading

Black Business: Its role and function within the African-American community

Businessman Robert Sengstacke Abbott (1868-1940). Publisher of the Chicago Defender, Abbott’s Monthly and the New Pittsburg Courier.  He set the example for John H. Johnson of Johnson Publishing (Ebony Magazine). “In relation to the negro community, the value of negro business should not be underestimated. In the internal life of negro society it provides a … Continue reading

A Personal Experience: A Taste of Entrepreneurship

This year marks my 25th year anniversary in business running my certified public accounting firm.  I started the firm as a relatively young man of 29 who decided to make a break from the corporate environs.  I absolutely detested everything about those environs and would have driven myself nuts had I stayed, so in part, … Continue reading

The IRS: A Study in Inefficiency

  I normally like to research and think about anything I blog about and I really didn’t have the time to do that today, so I thought I’d share an experience I had today with the Internal Revenue Service.  As a CPA with a tax oriented practice, I frequently interact with the IRS.  Most of … Continue reading

Lockdown in Newark Airport

I’ ve never been especially fond of flying even prior to September 11th and am even less so now. So, for the most part if I plan on going somewhere, I’ll drive unless it’s absolutely imperative that I get there in a hurry.  On those occasions where I do travel,  I’ve never found driving to … Continue reading

A Thought: African-American banks and moving your money

Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows that my biggest problem with Obama administration and the Federal  Reserve was the Wall Street bailout which was pretty much limited to helping the major money center banks and firms like AIG.  Many of these institutions were at the center of the financial crisis we encountered.  … Continue reading

New Blog–Same Stuff

I’ve transferred all my previous posts to a new blog with a new format.  Everything is the same save for the name and format.   This post is a test to see if  the twitter and facebook feeds work like they’re supposed to.

The Gambler Who Blew $ 127 Million

The Las Vegas Sands recently opened in my area.   I’ve been twice during that time and neither time to gamble.  As I walked into the casino, I took in all the lights, noise, clinking glasses and etc., it just struck me as something that could be very enticing for someone who’s inclined to gamble.   The thing I couldn’t … Continue reading