Yankee Utopians in a Chinese Century: Wall Street Orthodoxy and the loss of the US Manufacturing base.

Before I continue, let me qualify something about the individual that’s being quoted in this post, conservative commentator, Pat Buchanan.  There’s little doubt in my mind that Buchanan is a racist.  I’ve arrived at this conclusion from his books, numerous op-eds as well as his conduct on MSNBC.  He’s the type of racist that is … Continue reading

Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman says that we’re in the beginning stages of the third great depression

Paul Krugman now joins a long list of people characterizing our economic circumstances as another Great Depression.  There’s a reason why so many folks are coming out now to admit this.  It’s a way of preparing the public’s mind for what’s about to beset us. The existence of a depression is something I accepted long … Continue reading

Urban Homesteading: A response to the economic crisis

Although I grew up in a major American city, I got very familiar with growing food mainly from my parents who were from the rural south.  We supplemented our diet by growing and caning all of our own vegetables.  At one point we maintained a large garden for this purpose.  Prior to starting the garden, … Continue reading

Looking for Work? If you’re unemployed, don’t apply

This is absolutely insane.  Who needs a job more than someone who doesn’t have one?  In a cruel twist of logic, some employers aren’t taking applications from the unemployed as a “culling” mechanism to manage the inundation of resumes and applications they receive for job openings.  The idea is that the best employees are those … Continue reading

Plato’s Cave: Are the wheels coming off the economy as Obama pushes for another stimulus?

The philosopher Plato once offered an allegory about a cave where prisoners are chained down and forced to look upon the front wall of a cave unable to turn their heads.  To the back of the prisoners lies a puppeteer casting shadows upon the wall which the prisoners perceive as reality mainly because they can’t … Continue reading

Peak Oil: The real reason behind deep water drilling

  Peak Oil is a concept that’s been a cause of concern over the past few years.  It’s basically a reference to the steady decline in oil supplies after production levels peak.  There are a variety of studies out on this and various estimates of when this will occur, but most estimates put Peak Oil … Continue reading

Reading the Tea Leaves: A Hard Rain and Trouble Seen Ahead (Possible Economic Collapse)

  Richard Russell is a well respected publisher of an investment newsletter known as the Dow Theory Letters which cover domestic and foreign securities and commodities markets.  He’s one of these guys who everyone in the investment industry listens to and he let loose with some commentary today that has made a number of people … Continue reading

Is Greece’s sovereign debt debacle a dress rehearsal for the United States?

As of this writing, European finance ministers have put together a huge $1.o trillion package to save not only Greece, but the European economic union itself  which is now under the gun of speculative pressure on its currency before securities markets open in Asia.  At issue is the fact that if the EU doesn’t save … Continue reading

Is Goldman Sachs in the Middle of the Greek Crisis?

 Goldman Sachs seems to be in the middle of yet another mess.  It appears that they were involved in helping Greece set up some “liars” loans via some complex derivatives trades thus helping Greece to meet EU rules by hiding the extent of its deficit.  Again, this is likely not isolated nor was Goldman alone … Continue reading

Is a debt crisis coming to your neighborhood?

An excellent article here on a possible US debt crisis coming to your neighborhood in the future.  The chart above is a projection of interest payments on the national debt over the next decade.  They’re projected to grow to such an extent that they’ll constitute a large percentage of all annual spending.   This chart was … Continue reading