A misunderstood relationship: Shirley Sherrod, the dog whistle from the far right and 22 statistics that explain the demise of the American middle class.

A preface to this post: There are so many titles and directions this post could go in.  I’m almost tempted to title this post “The New Southern Strategy” or the ‘New Compromise of 1877” and talk about how historical events serve as the backdrop to what the far right is doing now in going after … Continue reading

Dueling Tea Party Factions?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I thought the far right was well organized with message control.  I’m going to have to back away from that statement and qualify it by saying that “some” of them are.  Based on what I’m reading, it appears that there are several factions of the Tea Party with … Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh calls George Steinbrenner a cracker who made a lot of African-Americans rich.

If anyone doubts that Rush Limbaugh isn’t after ratings, please take a listen to this below.  This is not worthy of a lengthy post here by me except to note that much of what Limbaugh, Beck and people like them have to say is about garnering ratings.   Unlike Beck, Limbaugh’s ratings are up so this … Continue reading

Voter Intimidation and The New Black Panther Party

During the 2008 presidential contest, the campaigns of the various aspirants kept a very close eye on their each others public statements and activities with a eye towards capitalizing on any misstep.  Sometimes even if there wasn’t an actual misstep, that wouldn’t stop one from being “created”.  The talking points developed around an opponent had … Continue reading

California NAACP supports ballot for pot legalization

The California NAACP is taking some heat for backing the ballot proposition for marijuana legalization in California. It appears that billionaire investor George Soros is the hand behind the scene here.  Not only is he a well known supporter of marijuana legalization, but according to the NAACP’s critics, he appears to have made a financial … Continue reading

The Rand Paul controversy over the civil rights act of 1964: Does it really matter?

  The primary elections this past Tuesday evidenced an anti-incumbent mood among the electorate and the tea party backed libertarian Rand Paul prevailed in the republican primary for the senate seat from Kentucky.   The ink was barely dry on the results before democratic operatives began questioning Paul’s stance on the Civil Rights bill of 1964.  … Continue reading

Miss USA Rima Fakih: Some are saying that Arab-Americans are recipients of affirmative action preferences in the Miss USA beauty pageant.

 I have found my TV watching days getting less and less.  I literally do not watch the TV unless I’m in the gym working out—and I only watch it then as it makes the workout go faster.  For the most part, the internet and  blogs have replaced TV as my information sources, so I’ve not … Continue reading

Pat Buchanan Again: Are Liberals Anti-WASP?

  Here’s another missive from Pat Buchanan.  This one is about what he perceives as a lack of diversity on the supreme court that will continue with Kagan’s appointment if confirmed.  In the racial dynamic here in the US, there’s a tendency to overlook ethnic differences and related tensions among whites.  Although the tensions are … Continue reading

Two rapping fools literally burn up $ 100,000

 Please be warned that this video has a lot of foul language in it, so you don’t want to play this if you’re offended by that sort of language.  It’s a video of a couple of rappers named Jon Geezy and Parlae burning up $ 100,000.  I don’t know if the money is real but … Continue reading

Arizona and Immigration: Xenophobia or an attempt to reign in the social costs of immigration?

  I’ve not weighed in the the Arizona law, but the cartoon above pretty much sums up my assessment.  The law is intrusive and won’t do much to stem the tide of illegal immigration—at least outside of Arizona. This is yet another issue where the true underlying cause of a social phenomenon is not discussed.  … Continue reading