Are Blacks Abandoning Obama?

More heat on Obama from prominent African-Americans.  Basically, they’re having a problem with his seemingly lack of empathy for the plight of African-Americans in the Great Recession and the continuation of the policies of George Bush on the foreign and domestic policy fronts.  The article references a state-wide poll in Georgia that reflects a 35% … Continue reading

Who says war doesn't pay and pay well?

This article is from the UK Times.  It’s about Blackwater, a security firm which our government contracted with for security services in Iraq. Apparently the CEO was a CIA operative and it looks like the CIA was outsourcing a few things to Blackwater as well.  There has been a bit of controversy surrounding Blackwater in … Continue reading

Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Empires

Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Empires Great advances in knowledge are usually the result of someone being enough of a heretic to discard old worn out conventions and precedents and to see things in a new light unencumbered by outdated thinking.   Largely, this is really about truth-seeking.   This is particularly applicable to the current crisis this nation faces.  Ostensibly, … Continue reading

Afghan Leader on CIA Payroll

Many of our problems on the foreign policy front are related to our incessant meddling with others as well as the creation and support of proxy leadership.  Such is the case in Afghanistan as the Obama administration has to try to figure out who exactly is the enemy; the Taliban or Al Qaeda. It appears … Continue reading

500,000 Troops for Afghanistan?

This in from the Huffington Post. Obama has delayed the release of General McChrystal’s assessment on the war in Afghanistan and now I see why.  McChrystal is saying he needs 500,000 troops over five years to quell the Taliban.  There’s no way that this nation can sustain that sort of commitment economically or otherwise at this … Continue reading