Why the silence from the tea party lately?

  This is a fair question to ask in light of recent events, particularly in light of the fact that this movement claims it’s all about fiscal restraint.  What I refer to here is the situation of yet another bank bailout; this time our tax money has gone to bail out Greece and the European … Continue reading

State of the Union

I just finished listening to Obama’s state of the union speech and this is classic Obama.  He’s an effective and excellent speaker, as he’s always been. As I get past his presentation and look at his positioning, it’s clear that he’s been somewhat chastened by the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat and will now try … Continue reading

A Thought: African-American banks and moving your money

Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows that my biggest problem with Obama administration and the Federal  Reserve was the Wall Street bailout which was pretty much limited to helping the major money center banks and firms like AIG.  Many of these institutions were at the center of the financial crisis we encountered.  … Continue reading

The Trauma of Joblessness

This is the single greatest issue facing the nation and Obama. The article below says that most folks are giving him a pass on the unemployment situation, but at some point  Obama is going to own this issue, particularly since large commitments have gone to bail out  Wall Street and to pursue the Afghan war. … Continue reading

Goldman Sachs practices guns and butter

This is from Bloomberg.   Goldman Sachs, a major investment bank and government bailout recipient, is taking a page from Lyndon Johnson’s book  and is trying to craft a guns and butter type deal to escape tarring and feathering. Investment bankers at Goldman Sachs are apparently attempting to arm themselves with guns in the face of public outrage over … Continue reading