Chinese Racism

This story is from NPR.  It’s about a mixed race contestant competing in a talent show in China and winds up unearthing racist sentiment.  Most of our discussion of racism is focused on the American context of it between black and white and sometimes it’s easy to forget about the broader world of relationships.  One of my … Continue reading

The End of the Empire?

Historically, there’s always an inflection point where one can point to as the critical factor contributing to the fall of a great power.  For Great Britain, it was the end of World War II and the devastation it faced.  These conditions made it unwieldy for Great Britain to maintain its empire.  The dying days of the … Continue reading

Jobless?? Head East Young Man–Go to China!

Well, it looks like China is not only loaning us money, it’s also providing some American college grads a much needed job. This from the New York Times: American Graduates Finding Jobs in China BEIJING — Shanghai and Beijing are becoming new lands of opportunity for recent American college graduates who face unemployment nearing double … Continue reading