A look at our health care debate from abroad

It’s always a good idea to see how our nation is being viewed from outside of our borders.  Here’s an article from  The Independent, a british newspaper.  The subject is our healthcare debate.  The author sees the US mainstream as being cruel and uncaring by not wanting to ensure that there’s universal healthcare.  I maintain that … Continue reading

Warren Buffet sounds the alarm

This in from famed investor Warren Buffet.  One of the effects of all the Federal Reserve’s money printing is the threat to the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency (i.e. the main currency used to transact international tade).  Our nation effectively exports its inflation as there are many nations that need to hold dollars … Continue reading

Faking the Funk (Town Hall Meeting Protesters)

I’m a child of the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as far as my formative years go.  Of course, those of us who grew up during that period remember the progression of popular music from the Motown sound to the funk sound of the 70’s with Parliament and Funkadelic.  Along the way, there arose those … Continue reading