Glenn Beck Cost Fox Millions and Lost Half His Audience, but News Corp. Stands Behind Him

I suggested a few days ago in this post that the entire reason that Glenn Beck wanted to conduct a March on Washington on the anniversary of MLK’s historic march was to garner ratings.  I further suggested that African-Americans would be better off attending to more pressing issues rather than getting tricked into helping Beck … Continue reading

Marching on Washington to fight Glenn Beck

Let me state plainly for the record what I think of Glenn Beck.  Basically, it can be summed up in just two words—fool and idiot.  Let me also state plainly for the record how I personally deal with people who are fools or idiots or both—I don’t waste time on them if I don’t have … Continue reading

Tiger Woods, mistress diversity and racism

I’ve refrained generally from commenting on the Tiger Woods controversy mainly because I’m indifferent and believe other stuff is far more important.   I wish him well, hope that he’s learned a lesson and hope he’s able to salvage his marriage, but I see this entire affair arising from self inflicted wounds.  No one made him … Continue reading

Is Michael Steele (African-American chair of RNC) a token placeholder?

The Republican party is struggling to remake itself after stinging losses in the last two election cycles.  The divisive southern strategy the party has used in national contests now sits in tatters in the aftermath of Obama’s changing of the electoral map.   The real challenge within the Republican party is the battle between  moderates and … Continue reading

Obama's Green Czar Resigns

Van Jones was Obama’s green czar and I found myself impressed by his innovative approach of seeing green jobs as a way to provide employment to those in urban areas.   As I recollect, Van Jones had only been appointed to this position for a couple of months before having to resign under a cloud created by … Continue reading