Great Recession Leaving Tracks

    At his rented home in Lehigh Acres, James Mould sells items that families in the area tossed out before moving As  the Great Recession/Depression II plays out, it’s leaving tracks almost everywhere imaginable.  How this event impacts any particular person really depends upon how leveraged (indebted) one was and whether or not one was … Continue reading

Great Recession's Impact on College Graduates

An article from the Nation.  It’s a recap of the stories of young people trying to navigate the Great Recession.  Some of these stories are heart rendering and it’s clear that few professions have been spared from the Great Recession’s impact which is broad, deep and largely not reported upon.  Many of these young people … Continue reading

Cultural Factors and the Great Recession

The impact of the Great Recession has been uneven when one considers cultural factors.  It appears that self reliance, strong family structures,  advanced education in the sciences and ownership of small business have muted the Great Recession’s impact on many Asian-Americans. Cultural factors help limit recession’s impact  By Haya El Nasser, USA TODAY  RALEIGH, N.C. … Continue reading