Skip Gates: In this news again. This time he’s against reparations.

  Skip Gates is in the news again, this time over an article he wrote in the New York Times entitled Ending the Slavery Blame-Game. In the article, Gates takes on the issue of reparations by questioning who exactly should pay them given that Africans were also prominent players in the slave trade by selling … Continue reading

Gates 911 Caller Press Conference

After Obama has arranged for Gates and Crowley to have a Happy Hour at the White House, what else is there to discuss about this?  Well apparently, the 911 Caller has retained an attorney.  She appeared with her attorney earlier at a press conference and and nearly teared up on a few occasions during it.   I’m wondering … Continue reading

The Henry Gates Incident

It’s certainly been a rather interesting few days here with the arrest of Harvard professor  Henry L. Gates and the attendant accusations of racial profiling and racism being leveled at the Cambridge MA police department as a result.  Here are a few of my observations: Winning a war starts with choosing your battlefield.  Choosing to … Continue reading