The End of Pax Americana: Courtesy of the Military Industrial Complex

By my count, there are at least three variants of  conservative thought here in the US when it comes to foreign policy: The moral majority type of conservative.  These people appear to be more concerned with moral issues and tend to support a war-like foreign policy.  The religious right would be a good example here. … Continue reading

More thoughts on healthcare and the republicans

  Sometimes when there is a lot of hollering and shouting in an attempt to pull one’s focus to the right, you’d better look left to see what you’re missing.  When someone is trying to divert your attention, there’s always something they’re pulling your attention from. This is what I think about when I think … Continue reading

Who says war doesn't pay and pay well?

This article is from the UK Times.  It’s about Blackwater, a security firm which our government contracted with for security services in Iraq. Apparently the CEO was a CIA operative and it looks like the CIA was outsourcing a few things to Blackwater as well.  There has been a bit of controversy surrounding Blackwater in … Continue reading