The Alien in the White House

 The following quote is from an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal authored by Dorothy Rabinowitz.  Politically, she’s a necon: Mr. Obama is not merely our first post-racial president, he is our first post-American president. He believes in the third-world narrative that western civilization, most especially the United States and Israel, is the source of … Continue reading

Pat Buchanan: Is the War Coming Home?

I have very mixed feelings about Pat Buchanan bordering occasionally on intense dislike, but one can’t deny when someone speaks the truth and I’m in total agreement with his take below on the recent attempt to blow up Times Square.  He’s right, they’re over here because we’re over there and the question is what purpose … Continue reading

Obama Meets With House Republicans

President Obama in a frank Q&A session with house republicans.  This is a bit of olive branch extending due to the recent reversal of fortune for the democrats in the Senate.  The video is lengthy but substantive. You’ll need about an hour to view. Effectively here, Obama is going into the lion’s den to take … Continue reading

Cornel West: Response to Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Hat tip to The Intersection of Madness & Reality for this video find.  Cornel West responds to Obama’s state of the union speech and focuses on Obama’s accommodation of Wall Street interests.  

State of the Union

I just finished listening to Obama’s state of the union speech and this is classic Obama.  He’s an effective and excellent speaker, as he’s always been. As I get past his presentation and look at his positioning, it’s clear that he’s been somewhat chastened by the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat and will now try … Continue reading

Harry Reid on Obama: He has no discernable “Negro” dialect

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) is busy fending off charges of racism after privately confiding that Obama had a good chance of winning the presidential contest because he was “light skinned” and spoke with no discernable “Negro dialect”.  He’s currently on an “apology” tour and is apologizing to Obama, Al Sharpton, Donna Brazille, Julian … Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words

The older I get, the more quickly it seems the years clip by.  It seems like it was only yesterday when year 2000 arrived, but a decade has gone by and everyone is taking a look back over the ground that’s been traversed.  The Gallup organization has done the same with its polling and has … Continue reading

Obama fires back: Responds to African-American Critics

Over the past few weeks, Obama has come under intense fire from prominent African Americans ranging from Cornel West to Danny Glover, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus.  The basic complaint is that Obama has ignored the plight of African-Americans and some think that some special dispensation needs to be given as a salve … Continue reading

Going after the New Black Panther Party

Some folks like to drown in puddles or, as a fellow blogger friend of mine says, major in the minor.  I’m sure that most will recollect the incident in Philadelphia during the election last November where the two New Black Panther party members stood outside of a polling  place and were accused of voter intimidation.  … Continue reading

Are Blacks Abandoning Obama?

More heat on Obama from prominent African-Americans.  Basically, they’re having a problem with his seemingly lack of empathy for the plight of African-Americans in the Great Recession and the continuation of the policies of George Bush on the foreign and domestic policy fronts.  The article references a state-wide poll in Georgia that reflects a 35% … Continue reading