The Man of Steele: RNC Chairman Michael Steele

  Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele was the subject of an earlier post a couple of months ago.  At that time, I speculated that Steele was merely a token placeholder who was barely being tolerated by the far right wing of the party and that they had done a number of things to hem … Continue reading

Going after the New Black Panther Party

Some folks like to drown in puddles or, as a fellow blogger friend of mine says, major in the minor.  I’m sure that most will recollect the incident in Philadelphia during the election last November where the two New Black Panther party members stood outside of a polling  place and were accused of voter intimidation.  … Continue reading

Obama and a racial divide

Interesting article from The Nation.  The author suggests that there’s evidence of a racial divide in opinions between blacks and whites when it comes to Obama.  The author feels that  African-Americans have rallied around Obama in the wake of the attacks against him from the right-wing and that this represents a splintering of the multi-racial coalition … Continue reading

Is Michael Steele (African-American chair of RNC) a token placeholder?

The Republican party is struggling to remake itself after stinging losses in the last two election cycles.  The divisive southern strategy the party has used in national contests now sits in tatters in the aftermath of Obama’s changing of the electoral map.   The real challenge within the Republican party is the battle between  moderates and … Continue reading

Obama vs. Faux News

The Wall Street Journal is one of the bastions of conservative journalism, so it’s rather shocking that they’d come out against Fox News in the ongoing battle between the administration and the network. Afterall, many conservatives have let Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck define who they are and have allowed them to basically … Continue reading

It's Time to Get Help

An excellent op-ed by the New York Times’ Bob Herbert.  He’s spot on in his analysis of the GOP being the “party of no” and the  biggest challenges the nation faces–rising unemployment and the fiscal deficits.  I tend to agree with him that these issues require urgent attention, but there’s little that can be done … Continue reading

Manufacturing Dissent

After the appearance of the so called health care protesters, I’m convinced that there are a group of people in this country who are opposed to Obama simply not because of ideology.  These individuals are determined to either overturn the election or simply ignore the results of it.  There’s nothing particularly unusual or controversial about … Continue reading