Tea Party’s Mark Williams defends "NAACP’s Letter to Lincoln"

There’s been a relentless attempt to goad African-Americans into an angry response on a number of fronts and the Tea Party’s Mark Williams’ satirical letter to Lincoln from the NAACP is the latest installment in this effort.  This bait that is being hung out there by far right wing should be ignored, but unfortunately the … Continue reading

Why the silence from the tea party lately?

  This is a fair question to ask in light of recent events, particularly in light of the fact that this movement claims it’s all about fiscal restraint.  What I refer to here is the situation of yet another bank bailout; this time our tax money has gone to bail out Greece and the European … Continue reading

Armed Marching in Virginia

  Why am I not surprised by this?  There were two groups of gun advocates marching near the nation’s capital today with one group in Virginia packing heat.  Ostensibly, this was supposed to be a celebration of the second amendment but the symbolism here, in light of all of the recent events involving healthcare and militia … Continue reading

Healthcare Reform: Where are the grownups in the republican party?

Here’s a post from a conservative news organ about healthcare reform.  There are any number of people who truly feel that this is communist inspired and are ready to actually revolt.  This is ridiculous and I wish I could just dismiss this as just that, but I can’t.  I’ve felt for quite some time that … Continue reading