Pat Buchanan: Is the War Coming Home?

I have very mixed feelings about Pat Buchanan bordering occasionally on intense dislike, but one can’t deny when someone speaks the truth and I’m in total agreement with his take below on the recent attempt to blow up Times Square.  He’s right, they’re over here because we’re over there and the question is what purpose … Continue reading

Lockdown in Newark Airport

I’ ve never been especially fond of flying even prior to September 11th and am even less so now. So, for the most part if I plan on going somewhere, I’ll drive unless it’s absolutely imperative that I get there in a hurry.  On those occasions where I do travel,  I’ve never found driving to … Continue reading

A new reason for US Asylum–Fleeing from Gangs

Now this is an interesting story about a family seeking safety in the US to escape the clutches of a central American gang.  Like the US, much of the existence of gangs in central America is fueled by the drug trade.  I wonder what sort of precedence this sets for us already here in the US.   Will our families … Continue reading