Rush Limbaugh calls George Steinbrenner a cracker who made a lot of African-Americans rich.

If anyone doubts that Rush Limbaugh isn’t after ratings, please take a listen to this below.  This is not worthy of a lengthy post here by me except to note that much of what Limbaugh, Beck and people like them have to say is about garnering ratings.   Unlike Beck, Limbaugh’s ratings are up so this undoubtedly explains why Beck is trying to take a page out of his book by his march on Washington. 

Just as we think that Limbaugh can’t possibly go any lower, he plumbs the depths of new lows with these comments.



3 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh calls George Steinbrenner a cracker who made a lot of African-Americans rich.”
  1. Let me take a stab at this: According to Rush, socialists want to punish success, and wealth, by taking from the rich, and spreading the wealth around. Liberals are socialists. More blacks are liberal than conservative, ergo, blacks are socialists, and therefore wish to punish wealth and success.

    Steinbrenner, the uber-capitalists, made his black players rich, very rich. Therefore, capitalism (supported by conservatives and not liberals) should be embraced by blacks and not denigrated, while liberalism should be allowed to fall by the wayside.

    I know it circuitous, but so is Rush.

    Nothing is said about Steinbrenner’s black players contributing to Steinbrenner’s wealth. And Rush, capitalism’s biggest booster, is silent on how many millionaires he has made, white or black. I suspect not any.

    Rush is being facetious about Steinbrenner firing a bunch of white guys. He’s suggesting that, by liberal and black standards, these firings were a good thing. No. He didn’t do it for Affirmative Action reasons. He didn’t, in turn, hire black coaches when he fired white ones. Had he, Rush would have crowed about Steinbrinner’s multicultural bonafides.

    • Greg L says:

      Another apt observation on your part BD. Why anyone would lend any credence whatsoever to what this guy has to say about anything is beyond me. In a way, he’s like a shock jock trying to outdo his prior performance by saying things that are increasingly outrageous. He does serve a larger agenda beyond gratuitous racism IMO. His real purpose is to divert and obscure the real issues while getting paid handsomely at the same time.

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