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A misunderstood relationship: Shirley Sherrod, the dog whistle from the far right and 22 statistics that explain the demise of the American middle class.

A preface to this post: There are so many titles and directions this post could go in.  I’m almost tempted to title this post “The New Southern Strategy” or the ‘New Compromise of 1877” and talk about how historical events serve as the backdrop to what the far right is doing now in going after … Continue reading

Dueling Tea Party Factions?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I thought the far right was well organized with message control.  I’m going to have to back away from that statement and qualify it by saying that “some” of them are.  Based on what I’m reading, it appears that there are several factions of the Tea Party with … Continue reading

Tea Party’s Mark Williams defends "NAACP’s Letter to Lincoln"

There’s been a relentless attempt to goad African-Americans into an angry response on a number of fronts and the Tea Party’s Mark Williams’ satirical letter to Lincoln from the NAACP is the latest installment in this effort.  This bait that is being hung out there by far right wing should be ignored, but unfortunately the … Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh calls George Steinbrenner a cracker who made a lot of African-Americans rich.

If anyone doubts that Rush Limbaugh isn’t after ratings, please take a listen to this below.  This is not worthy of a lengthy post here by me except to note that much of what Limbaugh, Beck and people like them have to say is about garnering ratings.   Unlike Beck, Limbaugh’s ratings are up so this … Continue reading

Ron Paul: Our foreign policy costs $1 trillion a year and Iran Sanctions are an act of war

I became familiar with Ron Paul several years ago from his anti-war writings during the early portion of the Iraq war.  Those writings resonated with me as I saw them making a lot of sense in a time where the war drums were beating incessantly.  At that time, talking against the war was a lonely … Continue reading

US Must Address Debt, Warns Debt Commission

President Obama’s bi-partisan debt commission gave a preliminary read out of the nation’s fiscal situation today.  There was nothing earth shattering about the conclusion.  The prognosis from co-chair Erskine Bowles is that current trends will destroy the country from within.  I think Bowles is actually a bit off on that one as the holders of … Continue reading

Voter Intimidation and The New Black Panther Party

During the 2008 presidential contest, the campaigns of the various aspirants kept a very close eye on their each others public statements and activities with a eye towards capitalizing on any misstep.  Sometimes even if there wasn’t an actual misstep, that wouldn’t stop one from being “created”.  The talking points developed around an opponent had … Continue reading

California NAACP supports ballot for pot legalization

The California NAACP is taking some heat for backing the ballot proposition for marijuana legalization in California. It appears that billionaire investor George Soros is the hand behind the scene here.  Not only is he a well known supporter of marijuana legalization, but according to the NAACP’s critics, he appears to have made a financial … Continue reading

Pat Buchanan: This campaign to censure and remove Steele is designed to censor debate and stifle dissent on Obama’s war policy, as long as Obama’s war policy closely tracks the agenda of the War Party.

The moon must be blue as I find myself in agreement with Pat Buchanan twice within the same week.  I’ll spare the reader what I think of Buchanan as I’ve stated in previous posts my issues with him.  I do find myself in agreement with Buchanan on a few issues and find that he occasionally … Continue reading

Study: Pot prices would plummet if California legalizes

I thought this was an interesting article in light of a recent post I made here regarding US bank involvement in money laundering.  A couple of issues are apparent here.  First, California, the ninth largest economy in the world, is on the brink of financial collapse and is casting around for any for almost anything … Continue reading