Tiger Woods, mistress diversity and racism

I’ve refrained generally from commenting on the Tiger Woods controversy mainly because I’m indifferent and believe other stuff is far more important.   I wish him well, hope that he’s learned a lesson and hope he’s able to salvage his marriage, but I see this entire affair arising from self inflicted wounds.  No one made him carouse around with dozens of women.  So if he has a public relations nightmare and is losing serious money, he did it to himself.

But now we have folks coming out of the woodwork trying to turn it into a racial deal.   According to News One, Al Sharpton says that Woods doesn’t have a base of support because he didn’t want Sharpton to insert himself in the lynching joke controversy last year.  (I don’t see Woods being especially concerned about lack of  support from Al Sharpton as that surely can’t help him.)   In the video below, Boyce Watkins complains that people have been accusing Woods of acting like a “black athlete” and suggests that black women are infuriated by the lack of “mistress diversity”.

I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling any of this.   But I maybe I’m missing something here.   Is Tiger the victim is racism?  Are black women upset by the lack of mistress diversity?

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