Reflections on Independence Day

My local newspaper, like those all across the nation, ran the words of the Declaration of Independence in the editorial pages today.  I suspect most people are similar to myself  and are familiar with the portions of the declaration that are always quoted about “all men being equal” and “inalienable rights”, but I was unaware … Continue reading

Black History Moment: Charles H. James

    Another historical example involving African-American business and again, the historical period of reference is the period immediately after the end of the civil war and the emancipation of the slaves—the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  This time we’re in the state of West Virginia; a state which has never had a sizeable number … Continue reading

A Black History Moment: Alonzo F. Herndon and the founding of Atlanta Life Insurance Company

    Alonzo F. Herndon   I seek a historical model or an example of black business and achievement to share.  I’m particularly focused on black business because I believe that business formation and economic development are the keys for the development of the African-American community.  This is the reason behind the series of posts … Continue reading

Black History Moment: The Walker Theatre

The Walker Theatre at 617 Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis Indiana   I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana.  When most people think of African-Americans and Indiana, they immediately think of Gary, Indiana, the birthplace of the Jackson Five.  Those who aren’t familiar with the mid-west don’t realize that Indianapolis has a significant African-American population.  New York had … Continue reading

A Black History Moment: Elusive Unity

  Robert Sengstacke Abbott (right)   One of the most interesting eras of black history for me is the early 1900’s.  I find it amazing how much African-Americans were able to accomplish only 50 or 60 years beyond the emancipation proclamation considering that the vast majority chafed under chattel slavery.  That black folks were able … Continue reading

Black History Moment: Archie A. Alexander

     Archie A. Alexander (May 14, 1888-January 4, 1958) Consulting Engineer: Alexander & Higbee, A.A. Alexander, Inc. and Alexander & Repass; governor of the Virgin Islands of the United States.   I like to focus on different aspects of black history when recounting historical events.  Normally, any discussion of black history is replete with … Continue reading

Black History Month: Frederick Douglass

History holds my fascination to the extent that  sometimes I wish I could go back in a time machine just to observe directly the story and to live it.  History explains how we arrived where we’re at today and as I think about it, the things I like to write about here are really echoes … Continue reading

Ebony Magazine Archived on Line

Hat tip here to postbourgie.  Ebony Magazine has archived all issues back to the 1950’s on line.  This is truly a treasure and a history lesson.  You can access the back issues here. As I read through a couple of the issues from the 1950’s a couple of things really stuck out in addition to … Continue reading

Paul Robeson & Myron Rolles

I was just surfing the web today when I ran across  some videos on Paul Robeson.  I’ve included the first of a four part video series  below  where he talks about his philosophy and life in his own words in 1958. This is someone who really needs to be more prominently included in African-American history.  … Continue reading